From clay to finished product …

  • I start with a 25k bag of powdered clay, mix to a specific formula & pour into plaster moulds to set overnight.

  • After drying & cleaning the raw piece (greenware) for a smooth finish, each design is drawn in and hand-painted with colours requiring 3 thick coats of paint.

  • Firing temperatures reach 1086 degrees and can take up to 24 hours for each firing. Each piece can take up to 14 days from start to finish & opening the kiln to inspect a new creation is exciting!

  • The first firing is completed to take the moisture out of the clay (bisque) & achieve a brittle finish. Two coats of clear glaze are then applied by brush and fired again to achieve a waterproof, foodsafe and durable product. Clock parts are attached to clocks & hooks to tiles then:

Voila ... it's ready for you!