WELCOME to my new Website


I'm excited and now open to receive orders.

If you want to purchase a clock, I have one clock of each design ready for shipping. As soon as a design is out of stock, I'll be making more. These are all individually hand-made & painted so allow 2 to 3 weeks for making, painting & firing twice and receiving your surprise in the mail. If you live locally, I'm happy to arrange pick-up from Inverloch, Victoria.

Mugs are custom-made according to the name required, colour & shape. It's a good idea to think ahead for presents as they're slower to make than commercial mugs, but you will be purchasing a unique mug to suit that special person or yourself.

I have made 3 each of the Australian native flower Tile Hangers but will also make more according to orders and popularity of designs. Also custom logos on Tile Hangers if you contact me with the details or I can match a clock pattern on to a tile hanger - the choice is yours.

Please don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any queries whatsoever at glazeceramics@gmail.com or leave a comment on Facebook.